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Lance Carnes


Welcome to the first issue of The PracTeX Journal.

The PracTeX Journal is dedicated to the exchange of practical experience and instruction of the use of TeX and other TeX-related or TeX-derived systems. The table of contents of this first issue is representative of what our Editorial Board feels the journal should be. But, beyond that, this issue is only the first step in what we see as an evolution as the journal finds it place in the whole world of TeX-related documentation and instructional materials.

We are looking for feedback from readers of this first issue. What do you like? What could you do without? How can we improve the journal for future issues?

We are also looking for both one-time and regular contributors to the journal. If you are one of the many people who regularly write (however informally) about TeX et al., for instance answering questions on comp.text.tex, contributing to FAQs, etc., consider becoming a contributor to The PracTeX Journal. If you have developed something new or an enhancement of a practical nature and want to make sure people know how to use it, consider becoming a contributor to The PracTeX Journal. If you just like participation in a publishing enterprise, tell us about yourself.

The links in the left column of our home page provide additional general information, explain what we know so far about guidelines for submission, and explain our author-friendly copyright policy.

Our current intention is for this to be a quarterly journal; however, we have also been thinking about how to take advantage of being an electronic journal in order to do things that print journals cannot do.

We have a distinguished Editorial Board with vast and varied experience with TeX. You can read about the board members by clicking on their names on the home page.

I conclude by again saying, "Welcome." Welcome to the evolving effort and entity we call The PracTeX Journal.


As with any new project there were large start-up costs in time and effort. We were lucky to have assembled an experienced and able Editorial Board who guided the project from its design to the publication of this first issue. The design phase began in August 2004, and all aspects of the Journal were debated, from the logo design (which had the most input) to the format (html, pdf, or both) and all areas between. As the first issue began to take shape Board members contributed articles, reviews, technical assistance, and more. Some special mentions:

In technical areas: The Journal styles for LaTeX, ConTeXt and Plain were developed by Arthur Ogawa, Karl Berry, and Hans Hagen. The web site internal design to enable automated site generation was developed by David Walden.

In editorial areas: The initial Ask Nelly contributors were asked to generate useful questions and then answer them -- hopefully these questions will be useful, and readers should feel free to submit new ones. Articles in this issue were reviewed by Editorial Board members and by Barbara Beeton, Jon Breitenbucher, David Elliott, Richard Leigh, John O'Rourke, Tarcisio Praciano-Pereira, and Juan Luis Varona.


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