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Tue Mar 4 10:19:59 CET 2003

This is a follow-up message from Antoniou on the main problem font:



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> Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 02:07:32 -0800
> From: Andreas Antoniou <aantoniou at>
> Subject: Font problem
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> Christina,
> This might help.
> One of the fonts causing trouble at this point is the cmsy10
> font.  Selecting the font entry for cmsy10 in the "Fonts Used" pop-up
> window,  then pressing Shift+CTRL, and then clicking a highlighted
> character gives the correct attributes of the character in the pop-up
> message box (all of them, font type, character number, encoding).  HOWEVER,
> the character shown in the pop-up message box and the one displayed by
> DVIWindo are wrong, as follows:
>      Character 0 should be a minus, I get a square box
>      Character 102 should be a left brace, I get an f
>      Character 106 should be a vertical bar, I get a j
>      Character 50 should be the "belongs to" math symbol, I get a 2
> If you do not happen to remember your ascii code , 50, 102, and 106 stand
> for 2, f, and j, respectively, in most of the standard fonds, e.g., the
> Times font.  In other words, even though Adobe, Type1, font cmsy10 resides
> in the font folder, i.e., \WINNT\fonts, DVIWindo cannot find it and it
> substitutes a Times font.  Strangely, it does not do that with other fonts
> including some math fonts.
> I hope this helps.
> Andreas

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