[Xy-pic] dvips problem

Witek Kwiatkowski wkwiatko at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 20:02:42 CET 2013

I tried to see where the problem is with [zz] colour and in postscript 
file the faulty instruction is:
1. 0.5 rgb TeXcolor0. 561 2238 a
After removing it no error and the color is right.
Is this a xypic or dvips problem?


On 02/09/2013 01:09 AM, Witek Kwiatkowski wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have problem with colors using dvips options.
> \xyoption{ps}
> \xyoption{dvips}
> \UseCrayolaColors
> \xygraph{
> []*++{C}*[Brown]\frm{**}}
> processed with latex and dvips gives black frame. No warning is 
> produced. (all crayola colors are black but simple red etc works fine)
> Moreover \newxycolor{zz}{0. 1. 0.5 rgb} causes ghostscript error 
> whenever I want to use zz.
> Is it working for everyone else?
> I also checked that this works using pdf option and pdflatex, however 
> thicker lines are not.
> Witek
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