[Xy-pic] Conflict between xymatrix and 12pt ?

Robert Seely rags at math.mcgill.ca
Mon Nov 1 00:04:12 CET 2010

Many thanks, Ross - that works perfectly.

  - all the best, Robert

On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Ross Moore wrote:

> The problem is caused by your use of:
>> *-[o]{\bullet}
> presumably to reduce the size of the <object> with
> the bullet.  Change this to:  *=0[o]{\bullet}
> and the problem goes away.
> I'm guessing that  *- subtracts too much (or too little),
> leaving a negative width or height, or some tiny size
> for the margin when you might as well have none at all.
> Certainly it is a subtle problem, requiring further
> tracing to get to the real nature of the difficulty.
> Hope this helps, and thanks for the report,
> 	Ross

<rags at math.mcgill.ca>

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