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Hello Jennie,

On 02/02/2009, at 6:12 AM, Jennie D'Ambroise wrote:

> Hi All,
> New lister here, in fact I have never used any list anywhere, so I  
> hope my inquiry is done correctly.

It seems OK to me.

> New to xypic and I want to find out how to fill a box.... that is,  
> I have xypic-ed a simple strip in the
> complex plane, and I just want to shade the strip with light grey  
> to indicate the location of the region.
> i.e. it is just a rectangle that needs to be filled.

Firstly, you'll need to be using the PostScript back-end,
as filling regions is only supported via PostScript.

Thus you'll need to load Xy-pic using a line such as:


Secondly, you'll need to be processing the LaTeX file
using TeX + dvips + Ghostscript , rather than using pdfTeX.
Your TeX installation should give you a way to do this easily.

Finally, the Xy-pic coding can use the [F*] frame, along with
a color specifier. That is, it would be something like as follows:

$$  %\UsePSframes
  *[F*:gray]\xybox{\xymatrix{ *+[Fo:red]{A} & *+[Fo:thicker]{B} \\ C  
& D }}

The \UsePSframes  should not be necessary. If the coloured frames
and fills don't work, for some reason, then try with
  \UsePSframes  uncommented.

The example above should produce a result as in the attached image.

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> Thanks in advance,
> Jennie

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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