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Peter Jacko peter.jacko at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 16:39:47 CEST 2007

I am using XY-pic package for the first time and I passed through both
the user guide and reference manual, but I cannot fix a small/big
problem. I have
  0 \ar@/^/[r]^-{\text{accept}}
& 1 \ar[r]^-{\text{accept}} \ar@/^10pt/[l]_-{\text{reject}}
& 2 \ar[r]^-{\text{accept}} \ar@/^20pt/[ll]_-{\text{reject}}
& *+++++{\cdots} \ar[r]^-{\text{accept}}
& N - 2 \ar[r]^-{\text{accept}} \ar@/^40pt/[llll]_-{\text{reject}}
& N \ar@(r,u)_-{\text{accept}} \ar@/^50pt/[lllll]_-{\text{reject}}

and everything works perfectly. However, in the last box I need to
have "N - 1" instead of "N". Then you can see that the self-targeting
arrow is not displayed correctly - it is partially hided by the
box. The problematic arrow is in the last line,


If you modify the starting point "r" to "ru" (right-upper corner), you
will see that the corner is not identified correctly...
My intention was simply to move the arrow right, but I didn`t find out how.
I saw I can move an arrow sideways, but that only seems to work for
non-cycle arrows, and it is "sideways", which is not exactly what I need.

Somebody has any idea how to fix it?


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