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Last time I looked the glyphs in colored fonts are bitmap images anyway, so
you might just to create a set of images from the font and use them, or you
might take the right characters from a regular vector font and use XeTeX's
regular font color mechanism to make the red ones appear red, perhaps
adding a box if you can't use characters from the chess symbols block.
Surely not as spiffy but it will work.

Better --help|less than helpless

Den tors 18 mars 2021 19:40Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> skrev:

> Seeking to re-typeset a long out-of-print classic on Xiang-Qi ("Chinese
> Chess"), but with the pieces shewn as they really are rather than as
> upper-case Latin letters requiring a gloss (the presentation chosen by the
> original author), I downloaded and installed Andrew West's BabelStone
> Xiangqi Colour font <https://www.babelstone.co.uk/Fonts/Xiangqi.html>.  I
> then wrote a short piece of XeTeX code to check that the glyphs/pieces
> appear in the PDF as they should, and very sadly they do not, coming out as
> monochrome rather than in colour (see attached PDF).
> The red pieces are described by Andrew as *red Chinese characters on a
> sandy yellow background*, and the black pieces as *black Chinese
> characters on a sandy yellow background.*  In the resulting PDF, however,
> they appear as white Hanzi on a black ground and black Hanzi on a white
> ground.  Does XeTeX support coloured fonts, and if so, how do I persuade it
> to render these glyphs as intended rather than in monochrome ?
> I can, of course, load \font \redpieces = "BabelStone Xiangqi
> Colour":color=FF0000 scaled \magstep 5 (see code below), but that still
> does not give me the sandy yellow ground that each glyph was designed to
> have.
> 'opentype-info.tex', when run against BabelStone Xiangqi Colour, tells me
> that the font does not provide any Opentype layout features, so it does not
> look as if XeTeX's "/ICU:+abcd" convention would allow me to indicate that
> I require colour support.
> % !TeX Program=XeTeX
> \font \pieces = "BabelStone Xiangqi Colour" scaled \magstep 5
> \font \redpieces = "BabelStone Xiangqi Colour":color=FF0000 scaled
> \magstep 5
> \font \blackpieces = "BabelStone Xiangqi Colour" scaled \magstep 5
> \pieces
> \centerline {\char "1FA60\relax \ \char "1FA61\relax \ \char "1FA62\relax
> \ \char "1FA63\relax \ \char "1FA64\relax \ \char "1FA65\relax \ \char
> "1FA66\relax}
> \centerline {\strut}
> \centerline {\char "1FA67\relax \ \char "1FA68\relax \ \char "1FA69\relax
> \ \char "1FA6A\relax \ \char "1FA6B\relax \ \char "1FA6C\relax \ \char
> "1FA6D\relax}
> \centerline {\strut}
> \centerline {\strut}
> \centerline {\redpieces \char "1FA60\relax \ \char "1FA61\relax \ \char
> "1FA62\relax \ \char "1FA63\relax \ \char "1FA64\relax \ \char "1FA65\relax
> \ \char "1FA66\relax}
> \centerline {\strut}
> \centerline {\blackpieces \char "1FA67\relax \ \char "1FA68\relax \ \char
> "1FA69\relax \ \char "1FA6A\relax \ \char "1FA6B\relax \ \char "1FA6C\relax
> \ \char "1FA6D\relax}
> \end
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