[XeTeX] XeLaTeX for files using pstricks

Roussanka Loukanova rl.stpuu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 19:23:39 CEST 2021


Since TeX Live 2021, I can't get XeLaTeX working properly with pstricks

I've upgraded to:
TeXLive 2021, and update all packages regularly
I typeset by the latest Aquamacs 3.5  GNU Emacs
(with macOS v.11.2.3)

I have been using macros for drawings that need pstricks (lingtrees.sty +
 pst-tree-dvips-emu.sty). These files require pstricks. They've been
typeset finely, with:

- TeX Live 2020, via:
XeLaTeX up to TeX Live 2020
latex->dvips->ps2pdf, up to some point of TeX Live 2020 (Autumn)

- With TeX Live 2021, the commands in these engines require options for
transparency with  Ghostscript 9.53.3.
Without options for transparency, typesetting these files fails.

Now, latex+dvips+ps2pdf works finely, by adding the option for
transparency. XeLaTeX doesn't.

I 've tested XeLaTeX with the following option placed at the end of the
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-command-extra-options: "-output-driver=\"xdvipdfmx -i
dvipdfmx-unsafe.cfg -q -E\""
%%% TeX-engine: xetex
%%% End:

XeLaTeX processes some tree drawings very differently, with distorted lines
and some failures.

(1) Files for drawing trees with colored lines and enclosing a tree in the
environment {sideways} typeset finely with latex+dvips+ps2pdf, by setting
ps2pdf with option for transparency

(2) The engine XeLaTeX draws distorted tree lines, by using
lingtrees.sty + pst-tree-dvips-emu.sty
 (I use  these styles without special preprocessor)

I'm attaching two pdfs that show the differences between (1) and (2).

(3) The legendary package tree-dvips (in TeX Live), by Emma Pease, is old,
but has been very stable and useful

Drawing the trees (tree-manual.tex in the tree-dvips package) is typeset:

- finely (in TeX Live 2021), via latex+dvips+ps2pdf

- fails via the default XeLaTeX in Aquamacs
with and without the option for transparency

Best Regards,
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