[XeTeX] \font "<platform font>":color=FFFFFF produces black, not white glyphs \font "<platform font>":color=FFFFFF produces black, not white glyphs, re-visited

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed May 27 11:48:46 CEST 2020

Ross Moore wrote:

>> No, the fourth couplet is TT, where T is "Transparency".  Unfortunately , it is a misnomer, since 00 = completely transparent and FE is almost opaque, which is why I spoke of "opacity" rather than transparency.  Unfortunately FF is /not/ opaque when preceded by FFFFFF, because the driver treats FFFFFF [FF] specially.
> As I said, it didn’t make sense to me.  :-)
> Thanks for the clarification, and sorry for my added noise.

Not your fault, Ross : the problem originated, I believe, with the choice of "transparency" to refer to the fourth couplet rather than "opacity".

> It looks as if Akira has done what you wanted, so the exercise was a success. :-)

Indeed.  I personally regard this as a great step forward, so many thanks to Akira-san.  Now what I would /really/ like is the ability to specify font colours in CMYK, so that whereas at the moment one can write only :

  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=RRGGBB[TT]"

one would be able, in an ideal world, to write in addition :

  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgb (RRGGBB)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgbo (RRGGBBOO)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=cmyk (CCMMYYKK)"

or their decimal equivalents :

  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgb01 (r.r, g.g, b.b)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgbo01 (r.r, g.g, b.b, o.o)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=cmyk01 (c.c, m.m, y.y, k.k)"

or the 0–255 version :

  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgb255 (r, g, b)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=rgbo255 (r, g, b, o)"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=cmyk255 (c, m, y, k)"

There could even be shorthands :

  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=#RRGGBB"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=#RRGGBBOO"
  * \font \thisfont = "Calibri:color=$CCMMYYKK"

But that would require changes not only to [x]dvipdfm[x] but (and more importantly) to XeTeX itself, and I do not know whether XeTeX is still being developed.

** Phil.

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