[XeTeX] Acess swash glyphs in otf fonts

Joël Mouric mouric.volant at orange.fr
Sun May 24 20:53:10 CEST 2020

Good evening,

I have just tried to create a new stylesheet to use Adobe MinionPro with XeTeX. While some features like small caps and oldstyle numbers are easy to obtain, I cannot access the Italic Swashes.

I tried with the following lines in my MinionPro.sty file: 


My distribution is Texlive 2020 on MacOS X 10.15.4.

I have read in the fontspec 2020 edition : “Note that from 2020 it appears that XeTeX can no longer support AAT fonts in macOS.”

The log reads : “ LaTeX
3 Error: Key 'fontspec-aat/Style' accepts only a fixed set of choices”

Do you have any idea about what the right syntax should be ?

All best,


Joël Mouric
mouric.volant at orange.fr

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