[XeTeX] Xetex, fontspec, font and greek

Pierre Dupond 76nemo76 at gmx.ch
Thu May 7 14:48:08 CEST 2020

Hi All,
       I like the font Neo Hellenic which is nice except
for one thing: in italic shape the latin letter a is a greek alpha
(this is a design decision of the creator of the font and will
probably not be changed).

I have then setup the Italic and Bold Italic font to use
an other font. Until that point everything goes as expected.

But If I want to use the modified font to typeset text in greek with the italic shape
I get the message "Please define \greekfont with \newfontfamily command".

This understandable since I have changed the NeoHellenic font to replace the italic
variant by one without greek. But since Neo Hellenic has all what is needed to
typeset greek, it's a little bit frustrating.

I have tried to create the macro "\greekfont" without success.

In the following minimal example, you can easily reproduce the problem
by commenting/uncommentig the two lines replacing the Italic and BoldItalic
shapes with the Latin Modern font.

I have thought to use the NFSSFamily feature of fontspec package, without
finding a way to solve my problem.

Any idea to solve this problem (if it is possible) would be greatly appreciated.


      \setsansfont[% main font
         RawFeature=+pnum,% variable width numbers
         Scale = MatchLowercase,%

          Scale = MatchLowercase,%
  {\sffamily This is some text in sans font and in \emph{italic}
   and {\bfseries\itshape bold italic}.

   Some greek text: \textgreek{αβγ}
   and some greek text in
   italic and bold-italic {\itshape \textgreek{αβγ}
   \bfseries \textgreek{αβγ}}.

Pierre Dupond <76nemo76 at gmx.ch>

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