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so 6. 6. 2020 v 18:50 odesílatel Philip Taylor
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> However, it would seem that while the "xdv2pdf" driver was happy with \special {color push}, the "xdvipdfmx" driver is not.  It appears to require \special {color push <color>} (e.g., \special {color push cmyk 0.17 0.18 0.79 0.0}), and with that change there are no longer any diagnostics referring to colour.  Clearly Jonathan's paper was written some 15 years ago — what is the recommended source of information today on the set of colour specials accepted by the "xdvipdfmx" driver ?  "TeXdoc xdvipdfmx" returns what I had thought would be the definitive reference, but whilst this makes /mention/ of support for colour \specials, it nowhere defines them, nor (as far as I can see) does it define where they /are/ defined.
The short answer for TeX Live users:
texdoc dvipdfmx

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