[XeTeX] load math font ttc xetex

Pierre Dupond 76nemo76 at gmx.ch
Tue Apr 28 12:35:59 CEST 2020

Hi All,
      I would load the cambria math from the
file Cambria.ttc with XeLaTeX.

By looking in the documentation of the fontspec package, I have found
that indexes should be used.

Path = /System/Library/Fonts/ ,
UprightFeatures = {FontIndex=0},
BoldFeatures = {FontIndex=1},
ItalicFeatures = {FontIndex=2},
BoldItalicFeatures = {FontIndex=3}

I have seen nothing similar for the command \setmathfont.
If it is possible
to load a math font from a ttc file what should be the label before
the equal sign (MathFont?).

Usually, I use Cambria Math by using the font name instead
of the file but sometimes it is more convenient to
use directly the font file on the disk.

best regards,

Pierre Dupond <76nemo76 at gmx.ch>

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