[XeTeX] Discretionary line-breaks in Tamil

Bruno Le Floch blflatex at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 20:44:55 CEST 2019

Perhaps try adding the following early enough in your document (before
any use of U+200B).

\catcode"200B=13 % (active)
\def ^^^^200b{\discretionary{}{}{}}


On 9/30/19 1:05 PM, Roland Kuhn via XeTeX wrote:
> From a programmer’s perspective it is usually much nicer to not have
> special cases: if U+200B were just a space (i.e. eligible for line
> breaks) then the rest would follow normally. Now, it could make sense to
> retrofit a font during font loading with a trivial definition of U+200B
> if it does not already provide one.
> Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the XeTeX codebase, just commenting
> from the peanut gallery.
> Regards,
> Roland
>> 30 sep. 2019 kl. 11:57 skrev Suki Venkat:
>> Exactly!
>> That's how all the browsers seems to behave anyway,
>> i.e., treating 200B as potential point for a line-break,
>> even if it is not defined in the font.
>> Suki
>> On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 4:55 AM Mike Maxwell wrote:
>>     On 9/29/2019 3:02 PM, Suki Venkat wrote:
>>     > Then went on to hack the hyph-ta.texfile and did "mktexfmt xelatex"
>>     > to produce nice results using XeLaTeX.
>>     > It turned out the uni200B was not defined in the font, although
>>     uni200C
>>     > and uni200D were defined.
>>     > Then managed define uni200B in fontforge and it does seem to
>>     produce the
>>     > same result even if the uni200B (ZWSP or DLB) is defined in the
>>     font or not.
>>     I'm speaking from ignorance here--I know nothing of the internal
>>     workings of xetex--but it seems to me that the question of defining a
>>     glyph for U+200B is beside the point.  It should not, it seems to me,
>>     have a glyph.  Instead, xetex should break the line or not when it
>>     encounters this code point, and then--regardless of the line
>>     break--delete the character.  It's a zero width character, and its
>>     height is irrelevant (unlike a strut), so there's no shape to show.
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