[XeTeX] Lowercase Unicode code points in hyphenation patterns

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Sun Nov 24 20:09:19 CET 2019

Is xgreek.sty loaded as part of creating the LaTeX format?  If not, my understanding is that its corrections wouldn't affect any of the hyphenation patterns installed from xetex.ini during the format build.

Perhaps this doesn't matter.

- Doug McKenna

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> Of course these tables are all wrong but this is another problem.

Yes there is that.

However it seems better to start from a known standardised base shared
with basically everyone then fix as needed rather than try to come up
with a tex-specific set of mappings covering the whole Unicode code
range and having to document and maintain them and extend each year as
more characters are added.

> I have added the correct \uccodes and \lccodes in xgreek.sty



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