MikTeX fails to find a font installed in Windows 10 (for XeLaTeX)

John Was johnoxuk at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 09:26:33 CET 2019


You might be able to create an artificial thin version of the font by using
a negative value in the embolden option when setting up the font.  I get
artificial bold small caps (on the rare occasion I need them) in Monotype
Imprint with:

\font\uimpbfive =
at 5pt

But :embolden=-1 should (I think) create a slimmer version of the font,
:embolden=-2 even slimmer, etc.

(That's plain XeTeX of course.)

Best wishes


On Thu, 28 Mar 2019 at 20:06, P P Narayanaswami <swami at mun.ca> wrote:

> Thanks for your suggestion.
> Just using "Gayathri" (instead of Gayathri Regular) for the fontname
> works.
> And, to get a bold version (Gayathri Bold), I used \textbf...}, and it
> works.
> But the font has a thin version Gayathrti-thin.  There is
> no LaTeX/XeTeX font changing command for to typeset the "thin" version"
> of the same font.
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