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Julian Bradfield jcb at
Mon Mar 4 20:54:49 CET 2019

In mail.xetex, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> mere rewriting of the From header will not work. There are four beasts involved:

Yes it will. It's what I successfully use for my user(s) who want
their mail forwarded to gmail, and if it works for that, it works for

> The recipient sees that MAIL FROM says that the mail came from
> It thus looks at DNS, finds the SPF record (in fact a special
> type of TXT) and verifies whether the IP address is in the list of
> allowed servers. This is configured correctly at hence SPF
> passes.

However, this is not an SPF pass for DMARC purposes, because DMARC
only considers an SPF pass when the From: address "aligns with" the
envelope sender (which usually means being the same domain).

> DMARC is a more flexible way superseding ADSP. It looks both at SPF
> and DKIM and then decides what to do. Remember that DKIM as well as
> DMARC are defined by the mail systems of the original senders hence
> cannot do anything. In addition, it is not known which eaders
> are included in the signature.

But DMARC only looks at the policy of the From: address, so if you
rewrite the From: address to a address,'s DMARC policy
will be applied. It doesn't matter that the message now fails the
original DKIM signature (though for cleanliness it's better to remove
the broken signature).

So re-writing the From: address should solve the problem.

In addition, DKIM-signing the (modified) message with a key
will increase the chance of the message not being diverted to spam

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