Index going beyond bottom margin

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Mon Apr 8 11:18:00 CEST 2019


I am afraid nobody can help you without MWE. You should create the following:

Your preamble

Include your generated .ind file and .log file. You should use only
free fonts and if they are not included in TeX Live, you should inform
how to obtain them.

Zdeněk Wagner

ne 7. 4. 2019 v 14:43 odesílatel Sasi Kumar <sasi.fsf at> napsal:
> I am typesetting a Malayalam book in xelatex. In its final stages, I find that the first column of the index goes beyond the bottom margin on the first page, the second column onwards it is sticking to the margins. I have typeset Malayalam books earlier also in xelatex, but never found such a problem. This makes me wonder why the system behaves badly now. I looked at the question here:, but my problem is different. That problem was solved by moving a statement from the body to the preamble, but I don't have any such command in the body.
> I would be really grateful if anyone can give an idea as to where to look for a solution.
> Sasi
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