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Wilfred van Rooijen wvanrooijen at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 13:54:28 CET 2018

You should "adopt" the package and become the new maintainer, perhaps.

    On Friday, March 16, 2018 7:33 PM, Arash Zeini <arash.zeini at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hi Everyone,

A couple of years ago, I raised an issue I had encountered with the arcs package (see below for the complete run of messages). A solution was proposed by Michael Sharpe and Joseph Wright wrote that he would mention the issue on c.t.t., as messages to arcs' author bounced. The solution, which I add manually to arcs.sty is:

"The arcs package depends on the relsize package which did change a few months ago in a way that requires a small change in the arcs package. You need to add the line (just after \RequirePackage{relsize} is a good place}

\long\def \@gobblethree #1#2#3{}

and then change the line

\let \rs at size@warning = \@gobbletwo


\let \rs at size@warning = \@gobblethree

because, in relsize.sty, the macro \rs at size@warning is now defined to have three arguments, the last of which (6.0pt) was being left as printable text. This problem is a LaTeX issue and has nothing particular to XeTeX."
The arcs package was never updated and the issue persists. Is there anyway these changes could be incorporated into arcs.sty? I use arcs quite often and it would be a great help if the changes could become part of the code.

Many thanks and best wishes,

On 26 August 2013 at 17:25, Arash Zeini <arash.zeini at gmail.com> wrote:

Thank you, all, for your feedback. I can wait for the fix to be applied.
Joseph: if you hear anything, could you please post it here?
Many thanks and best wishes,Arash

On 25 August 2013 16:02, Joseph Wright <joseph.wright at morningstar2. co.uk> wrote:

On 25/08/2013 16:00, Joseph Wright wrote:
> Nothing to do with XeTeX: it's due to relsize and shows up with a demo
> for pdfTeX. Inside arcs.sty you find
>     \let \rs at size@warning = \@gobbletwo
>     \relsize{-10}%
> but in the latest relsize (dated 2013-03-29) \rs at size@warning takes
> three arguments. Thus arcs needs adjusting (probaly should just leave
> the relsize code alone): I've CC'd the arcs author.

Message to the arcs author bounced. I'll raise this on c.t.t.: the
package is LPPL so a change can be sorted out if he can't be found.
Joseph Wright

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