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On 27 January 2018 at 16:32, Peter Wilson <herries.press at earthlink.net>

> I think that the "Typeset by the bidi package" message is much too modest.
> It should read something along the lines "Typeset by the bidi package
> developed by Vafa Khalighi for over 12 years without any funding or
> donations." In fact I think that every class/package used in a document
> should typeset similar wording about itself and its provenance on the top
> of the first page of any (All)TeX document. Many classes and packages have
> been developed over many more than 12 years, particularly TeX and LaTeX.
> Peter W.


Dec 29, 2017 - Definition of *colophon*. 1 : an inscription at the end of a
book or manuscript usually with facts about its production.

I'd rather that more documents provide a useful colophone.  "Typeset by the
bidi package ..." logically
belongs in the colophone.

It would be useful to have a supported, standard method for packages to
add/suggest entries to the colophon.
It would also be useful to have "Supported by: " entries in catalogs (for
bidi: "Supported by: author").

That this is primarily a human issue has been pointed out -- many people
contribute to TeX/LaTeX for small
rewards, often on their own resources and sometimes against their bosses'
ideas of how time should be spent
("MS Word is good enough").

It would be nice to see a system of small awards given to individuals who
have made significant contributions
(as determined by a small panel of judges based on open nominations).  The
publicity for TeX and friends
might persuade some bosses that time spent on TeX-related work has value.

George N. White III
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