[XeTeX] "typeset by bidi" message

Philip Taylor (RHUoL) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Jan 28 01:10:26 CET 2018

Peter Wilson wrote:
> I think that the "Typeset by the bidi package" message is much too 
> modest. It should read something along the lines "Typeset by the bidi 
> package developed by Vafa Khalighi for over 12 years without any 
> funding or donations." In fact I think that every class/package used 
> in a document should typeset similar wording about itself and its 
> provenance on the top of the first page of any (All)TeX document. Many 
> classes and packages have been developed over many more than 12 years, 
> particularly TeX and LaTeX.
As \usepackage is under the control of the LaTeX team, could its 
behaviour not be amended to check if #1 = "bidi", and if so, interpolate 
"[logo=off] unless "[logo=on]" is already present ?
Philip Taylor


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