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Kamal Abdali k.abdali at acm.org
Fri Jan 26 05:29:07 CET 2018

Thanks, Gildas, for your suggestions. I'll try turning off pdfinfo() but I
need to first learn how to do it without the hyperref package which I'm not
using at this time.

I'm also an admirer of Vafa Kalighi's contribution which I use all the time.

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 11:16 PM, Gildas Hamel <gweltaz at ucsc.edu> wrote:

> * Skriv a reas Gildas Hamel <gweltaz at ucsc.edu> n'eus ket pell (Thu Jan
> 25, 2018):
>   |>
>   |>  You may also choose to turn off pdfinfo which is turned on by
> default. If left on, it shows up in the pdf's attributes as:
>   |>  Content Creator: The bidi package, v32.4, 2018/01/23
>   |>  PDF Producer: The bidi package, etc.
>   |>  --Gildas Hamel
> I forgot to add that the way I try to recognize the amazing work done over
> so many years by the undefatigable creator and maintainer of the bidi
> package, Vafa Khalighi, is to mention it in the preamble, via the
> hypersetup of the hyperref package:
> \hypersetup{
>     pdfkeywords={key1, key2},%
>     pdfcreator={XeLaTeX and the bidi package}
>         }
> I do not know if this is sufficient. If there is a better way of
> recognizing the role of the bidi package, please let me know.
> --Gildas
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