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a newbie question. I would like advice on which TeX-based software it 
would be best to learn in detail for my typesetting plans. So far, I 
have learned a little TeX and a little LaTeX, but not enough of either 
to tell me which will work best for me.

The features I want to be able to typeset are:

+ Roman script, in a Unicode environment. Some of the documents will 
have special characters, but nothing exotic. (So I am thinking XeTeX or 
XeLaTeX or something else Unicode-y ...)

+ handles a document with plenty of styles e.g. dictionary

+ double or single column on the page

+ can place cross references at bottom of page, or in L or R margin 
lined up with caller, or in text area at end of paragraph, or in text 
area at end of section.

+ plenty of illustrations of various sizes (that have to share the page 
with footnotes, cross references etc)

+ the range of the paragraph numbers on a page can be shown in its header

+ with numbered sentences, can place the number in the margin without 
messing up the paragraphing.

Other features I am looking for:

+ runs on Linux (and preferably also on Windows and Mac)

+ no recurring license fees

+ ideally would have some pre-existing materials/courses to help me 
learn to use it

If all the software can do these things, I would appreciate any 
recommendations you can make regarding the strengths and weaknesses of 
the various options there are.



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