[XeTeX] Khmer: ligatures break if XeTeXlinebreaklocale is turned on

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 12:25:55 CEST 2018

On 10/04/2018 23:08, Jo Hund wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Thank you very much for the helpful info. This fixed our problem with 
> ligatures. All our formatting seems to be working, too.
> However there are some problems if we insert "\\hspace{0pt}" anywhere in 
> the document. In the worst case, the entire PDF conversion crashes, or 
> in some situations, the ligatures are broken, and character spacing is 
> off. We insert "\\hspace{0pt}" in combination with "\\nolinebreak[4]" in 
> some places to coax Latex to break lines where we want them to break 
> around some emdashes and other places. This is not a show stopper. We 
> can work around it. We were just wondering if you may have an obvious 
> solution to this.

I'm afraid I don't have any ideas about this. I'd normally expect 
inserting \hspace{0pt} to interrupt ligatures, but it shouldn't cause 
the job to fail altogether! That sounds like a bug.

If you can provide a test document where it causes a crash, we may be 
able to investigate further.



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