[XeTeX] Khmer: ligatures break if XeTeXlinebreaklocale is turned on

Jo Hund jhund at clearcove.ca
Wed Apr 11 00:08:23 CEST 2018

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you very much for the helpful info. This fixed our problem with 
ligatures. All our formatting seems to be working, too.

However there are some problems if we insert "\\hspace{0pt}" anywhere in 
the document. In the worst case, the entire PDF conversion crashes, or 
in some situations, the ligatures are broken, and character spacing is 
off. We insert "\\hspace{0pt}" in combination with "\\nolinebreak[4]" in 
some places to coax Latex to break lines where we want them to break 
around some emdashes and other places. This is not a show stopper. We 
can work around it. We were just wondering if you may have an obvious 
solution to this.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated



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