[XeTeX] new version of HarfBuzz

Bobby de Vos devos.bobby at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 16:36:18 CEST 2017

On 2017-04-22 01:36, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> So pulling a harfbuzz update into texlive/xetex and rebuilding would
> indeed be beneficial. 

Am I correct that I could avoid rebuilding xetex on my Ubuntu Linux
system? The binary /usr/bin/xetex is dynamically linked, and I have
HarfBuzz and Graphite2 compiled from source and installed in /usr/local.
The ldd command (ldd /usr/bin/xetex) reports those two libraries are
loaded from /usr/local, and xetex -version reports

Compiled with Graphite2 version 1.3.6; using 1.3.9
Compiled with HarfBuzz version 1.0.1; using 1.4.5

The xetex binary as installed by the Tex Live installer in /usr/local
does not seem to load those two libraries. Which means that in order to
have a xetex in /usr/bin (as packaged by Debian/Ubuntu) that has the
update that JK did in the first part of 2016 to enable cross-space
contextual rendering (needed for the Awami Nastaliq font) you would need
Ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety) or later in order to have TeX Live 2016. Or maybe
you can update /usr/bin/xetex with the PPA at
ppa:jonathonf/texlive-2016, but I have not tested this to see if it
would dynamically load the needed libraries.


Bobby de Vos
/devos.bobby at gmail.com/

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