[XeTeX] where to put woff files

Bobby de Vos devos.bobby at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 15:10:06 CEST 2017

On 2017-04-06 02:39, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> On the whole I would agree with the debian answer: applications like
> xetex/xdvipdfmx shouldn't try to use fonts it can't handle. 

Thank you for your response. I will file a bug with Debian at some point.

> On windows where fontconfig is used only by xetex I would try to
> blacklist the faulty fonts with a <rejectfont>-pattern (I don't know
> if it would work for the woff-problem) in the fontconfig
> configuration but I don't think that there is an easy way to do
> something like this on linux -- all configuration would affect other
> application. So imho some other way to blacklist fonts/font types
> for xetex/dvipdfmx is needed (luaotfload has a configuration file
> for this).

AFAIK, Windows users don't have this problem. Unless a user or an
installer installed with WOFF files where fontconfig would find them,
there would not be a problem. The issue comes up when the Debian/Ubuntu
packages would place the WOFF files were fontconfig finds them.

> That's the general answer. On the practical side: It can only help
> if you can avoid to put the font somewhere where is disturb xetex.
> And xetex users shold avoid "vage" font loading by adding the
> extension if possible. 

How do I specify the extension? If I am using plain XeTeX and have a
line such as

\font\bodyfont="Andika New Basic/GR" at 12pt

where do I put the extension? I can place the font name in brackets [],
and include the extension, but then I need to supply the entire path to
the font file.

Thanks, Bobby

Bobby de Vos
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