[XeTeX] where to put woff files

Bobby de Vos devos.bobby at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:36:27 CEST 2017


I have seen reports of problems on XeTeX on Ubuntu not handling woff
files, both told to me in person and also on the web [1]. I am now
taking over the Debian/Ubuntu packaging for some fonts (Scheherazade
included) and wondered where to put woff files, to avoid this problem. I
could put them in the documentation folder of the package, where some
sample html and css files could load the woff and display text using the
woff font.

I asked this question on the Debian pkg-fonts-devel mailing list, and
the response [2] contradicted what  Khaled Hosny said in [1]. Khaled's
position (IIUC) was that the woff files should not be installed where
fontconfig can find them. Debian pkg-fonts-devel mailing list said to
file a bug against XeTeX for not validating the results of fontconfig.

Whose advice should I follow?



Thanks, Bobby

Bobby de Vos
/devos.bobby at gmail.com/
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