[XeTeX] The FriBidiXeTeX program

Vafa Khalighi vk489 at uowmail.edu.au
Tue Nov 22 14:56:55 CET 2016

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new program (written in C programming language) which uses fribidi library and supports unicode bidirectional algorithm.

If you use the bidi package, then for inserting short RTL text between an LTR paragraph, you have to use \RLE (or \RL) and \LRE (or \LR) if you are typesetting short LTR text between an RTL paragraph. This sometimes can be annoying.

The FriBidiXeTeX[1] is a preprocessor which allows you to write a normal tex file without using \LRE or \RLE and convert your tex file to another file which contains the \LRE and \RLE macros automatically.

The FriBidiXeTeX program is not restricted to bidi package or LaTeX; you can even use it for your plain TeX document.

The development takes place on GitHub so if you have any issues/suggestion or improvement, please use GitHub for that purpose.

I asked TeXLive people to include the program in TeXLive 2017. It will be added to MiKTeX soon. I should also thank Akira for providing windows binaries.

[1] http://ctan.org/pkg/fribidixetex

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