[XeTeX] XeTeX bugs in bidirectional typesetting

Vafa Khalighi vk489 at uowmail.edu.au
Sun Nov 20 02:35:47 CET 2016

Hi David

Sadly, I can not agree with you; it seems that I have completely different perspective on bidi model which is reasonable considering my experience and expertise on the matter.

LuaTeX (Omega) model is not a good development for XeTeX since you will find yourself surrounded by so many bugs and you waste a lot of time fixing them but finally you will have to give up simply because its fundamentally broken. The TeX-XeT model is the most stable bidi model so far with few limitations and bugs and in its current state it is far better than LuaTeX (Omega) model. I put my trust and faith in TeX-XeT for two main reasons: (1) It was written by Donald Knuth (2) The ParsiTeX system which is based on Knuth TeX-XeT system has been used over 20 years and it is the most bug-free bidi model.

It is therefore clear that of the currently implemented
possibilities the TeX-XeT model is more functional, having more
complete support for right to left text and more bug-free.

For the past 10 years I have reported numerous issues to the LuaTeX and etex teams without any results but it is more than enough. I am not going to waste time and energy doing useless things. I put my time and energy into developing an engine that really has a working bidi model. an engine which is developed by a native speaker and meets the needs of people with real documents.

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