[XeTeX] TeXShop

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Mon Nov 14 01:43:24 CET 2016

George White makes some very good points.

However, Christian Boitet's original message discussed TeXShop, and TeXShop never consults the user's $PATH setting. It will be easier if Boitet gets TeXShop working first, before dealing with the complexities
of shell startup scripts.

The situation in TeXShop is rather easy. It has a preference setting giving the location of TeX binaries. If MacTeX is installed correctly, then setting this to /Library/TeX/texbin is enough. 

However, XeTeX and XeLaTeX are treated specially in TeXShop (as are other more recent engines like LuaTeX). Each of these has an engine file listing a path to the binaries, and the special call or calls that must be made to run the particular engine in question.  That's why in my initial message, I added checking these engine files.

Dick Koch
koch at uoregon.edu

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