[XeTeX] [texworks] Overfull boxes return status of 0 in XeTeX

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Mar 18 10:55:45 CET 2016

Arthur Reutenauer wrote:

> Of course they can /know/: by inspecting the log file.  It contains
> the exact transcript of the TeX run, and thus reflects all of TeX's
> knowledge about what happened when compiling the file; as far as
> overfull \hbox'es, etc. are concerned.

Augmented by anything that the program elects to write to the log file.
 A program can elect to write an "overfull \hbox" message to the log
file even if no overfull \hbox has actually occurred.

>   Do you *understand* what I /mean/ ?

Not only do I understand what you mean, I also understand that you fail
to appreciate the difference between "know if an overfull \hbox has
occurred " (which is *TeX's state) and "believe that an overfull \hbox
has occurred" (which is the state of any adjunct program attempting to
determine the state of *TeX's knowledge simply by inspecting the log file).

Philip Taylor

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