[XeTeX] fontspec and Nikosh font

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 11:02:56 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I ran an extensive test of devanagari during the TL 2016 pretest
period using XeLaTeX, LuaLaTeX and ConTeXt. I cannot guarantee that my
test covers everything but I have not found any error. The only
problem is that the released version of FreeFont does not work with
HarfBuzz, there is another repository (I forgot it) with a not
released version that works or you have to build it from the source
avilable from savannah.

One of my test files can be found here:

Zdeněk Wagner

2016-06-21 10:10 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Kew <jfkthame at gmail.com>:
> On 20/6/16 23:22, maxwell wrote:
>> Not sure if Will is on this mailing list, but I'm cc'ing him using his
>> email address on the fontspec document.  (The doc doesn't have the
>> co-author's email, Khaled Hosny, but I think I've seen him here.)
>> On 2016-06-20 17:55, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>>> My guess is that this might be a bug in the TL'16 version of fontspec,
>>> which looks like it is intended to support both the "new Indic spec"
>>> OpenType tags such as 'dev2', 'bng2', etc, as well as the "old Indic"
>>> versions 'deva', 'beng', etc, with preference being given to the v.2
>>> tags. Perhaps that feature is broken?
>>> ...
>>> One way to check what's wrong would be to search for the
>>>   \newfontscript{Devanagari}{dev2,deva}
>>> declaration around line 2247 in fontspec-xetex.sty, and remove "dev2,"
>>> from it so that it only looks for the old-style 'deva' tag. If that
>>> makes Gargi work without complaint (using [Script=Devanagari] as
>>> before), then you've identified a bug in fontspec and should report it
>>> to Will.
>> I confirm that omitting 'dev2,' from that declaration causes fontspec
>> not to emit a warning when I do
>>     \newfontfamily\sanskritfont[Script=Devanagari]{gargi}
>> and similarly for the Nikosh font, fontspec gives a warning when I do
>>     \newfontfamily\bengalifont[Script=Bengali]{Nikosh}
>> unless I change
>>     \newfontscript{Bengali}{bng2,beng}
>> to
>>     \newfontscript{Bengali}{beng}
>> in fontspec-xetex.sty.
>> Thanks for the pointer, Jonathan!
> The other question I have is whether this is a "harmless" (if alarming)
> warning, meaning that fontspec warns when it fails to find the v.2 tag, but
> then proceeds to use the old tag and the text is shaped correctly. Or does
> it mean that fontspec is failing to use the second tag, so that the proper
> Indic shaping does not get applied?
> It should be easy to test this with a word like हिन्दी, using the Gargi font
> with [Script=Devanagari]. Does the short-i matra ि appear to the left of the
> ह, or after it? If it appears to the left (despite the fontspec warning),
> then it's correctly falling back to 'deva' when 'dev2' is not found.
> JK
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