[XeTeX] fontspec and Nikosh font

maxwell maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Tue Jun 21 00:22:48 CEST 2016

Not sure if Will is on this mailing list, but I'm cc'ing him using his 
email address on the fontspec document.  (The doc doesn't have the 
co-author's email, Khaled Hosny, but I think I've seen him here.)

On 2016-06-20 17:55, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> My guess is that this might be a bug in the TL'16 version of fontspec,
> which looks like it is intended to support both the "new Indic spec"
> OpenType tags such as 'dev2', 'bng2', etc, as well as the "old Indic"
> versions 'deva', 'beng', etc, with preference being given to the v.2
> tags. Perhaps that feature is broken?
> ...
> One way to check what's wrong would be to search for the
>   \newfontscript{Devanagari}{dev2,deva}
> declaration around line 2247 in fontspec-xetex.sty, and remove "dev2,"
> from it so that it only looks for the old-style 'deva' tag. If that
> makes Gargi work without complaint (using [Script=Devanagari] as
> before), then you've identified a bug in fontspec and should report it
> to Will.

I confirm that omitting 'dev2,' from that declaration causes fontspec 
not to emit a warning when I do
and similarly for the Nikosh font, fontspec gives a warning when I do
unless I change
in fontspec-xetex.sty.

Thanks for the pointer, Jonathan!

    Mike Maxwell

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