[XeTeX] graphite-info.tex

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 01:32:36 CEST 2016

On 15/6/16 20:38, Lorna Evans wrote:
> Is there a graphite-info.tex to find out what the feature names are in a
> Graphite font?
> I've haven't been able to find it and it would be useful. Or, is there
> some other way to display all the Graphite features in a font.

If I remember aright, the graphite feature support in xetex shares the 
same commands as the AAT feature support, so you should be able to run 
the AAT-info.tex file and just change the font names appropriately. 
(You'll need to change the Mac-specific fonts it uses to annotate the 
output, as well as the name of the actual target font.)

> My actual problem is that I have a font where the feature name is "Long
> U with Yayit, long UU with Hato". I'm able to access all other features
> in the font except this one. I wonder if XeTeX thinks it's too long or
> if it doesn't like the comma in the feature name. Would it concatenate
> the feature name in that case?

I'm pretty sure the comma is the problem; the "micro-syntax" xetex 
parses in the font name string will treat comma as separating two 
successive values for the same feature name. That is, it's intended to 
let you say things like:

   \font\x = "MyFont:Ligatures=Common,Rare,Historical"

as a shorthand for:

   \font\x = "MyFont:Ligatures=Common;Ligatures=Rare;Ligatures=Historical"

To work around this, I _think_ it also lets you specify features by ID 
(like for OpenType fonts), so you should be able to do

   \font\x = "Padauk:+ulon"

as suggested by Andrew in the reply I just saw arrive. :)


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