[XeTeX] xelatex, hyperref, and new TeXLive

maxwell maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Wed Jun 15 22:56:43 CEST 2016

We've downloaded and installed the new 2016 TeXLive distribution.  I was 
all set to be happy...but.  There seems to be an incompatibility between 
the new xelatex and the new hyperref package.  No matter what I do, I 
get the error msg:
! Package hyperref Error: Wrong DVI mode driver option `ps2pdf',
(hyperref)                because XeTeX is running.

We did not of course get this error with the TeXLive 2015 distribution.

Here's the minimal file to trigger this error (ok, I could take out the 
word "test", but it's pretty minimal :-)):

I've tried telling hyperref
instead, and I've tried telling xelatex
and a bunch of other things, with no effect.

What do I yet lack?

    Mike Maxwell
    University of Maryland

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