[XeTeX] Make Tamil font as default

Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 18:08:37 CET 2016


--- On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 10:06 PM, Zdenek Wagner
<zdenek.wagner at gmail.com> wrote:
| It may need some tricks as I
| did in my multilingual book. Can you send me a small sample demonstrating
| the problem?

Sure. The sources are available at:


The PDF that I generated is at:


Where do I specify \emergencystretch? I do not want the words to split
across lines. My XeTeX and Ubuntu distribution versions:

$ xelatex --version

XeTeX 3.14159265-2.6-0.99992 (TeX Live 2015/dev/Debian)
kpathsea version 6.2.1dev
Copyright 2014 SIL International, Jonathan Kew and Khaled Hosny.
There is NO warranty.  Redistribution of this software is
covered by the terms of both the XeTeX copyright and
the Lesser GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file
named COPYING and the XeTeX source.
Primary author of XeTeX: Jonathan Kew.
Compiled with ICU version 52.1; using 52.1
Compiled with zlib version 1.2.8; using 1.2.8
Compiled with FreeType2 version 2.5.3; using 2.5.3
Compiled with Graphite2 version 1.2.4; using 1.2.4
Compiled with HarfBuzz version 0.9.37; using 0.9.37
Compiled with libpng version 1.6.13; using 1.6.13
Compiled with poppler version 0.30.0
Compiled with fontconfig version 2.11.1; using 2.11.1

$ lsb_release -a

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 15.04
Release: 15.04
Codename: vivid

Would it be possible for you to release your multi-lingual book
template (without the content) under a Free Software license?

Thanks for helping out. Much appreciated.


Shakthi Kannan

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