[XeTeX] Adobe Professional Fonts and Diacritics

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I think you'll find that these characters are simply not in the fonts.  But 
composed characters that have a Unicode value can sometimes be achieved 
manually even if they aren't present in the fonts you want to use, and that 
can be done behind the scenes (the following plain (Xe)TeX code should work 
in LaTeX, but LaTeX users will know the echt-LaTeX equivalents).

For underdotted d (Unicode value 1E0D), for example:


Earlier in the file you will need to define '\dotax' (and \overstrike, which 
\dotax uses), thus:

   \kern -0.5\wd0 \kern -0.5\wd1 \copy1 \kern -0.5\wd1 \kern 0.5\wd0}
    \overstrike{#1}{\smash{\lower 0.215em \hbox{.}}}}%underdot

These are rather hamfisted bits of code that I wrote years ago when I was 
first getting to grips with TeX, and I haven't tidied them up or refined 
them as they are of only occasional use to me.  I'm sure someone else will 
provide something neater.


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As a Sanskritist I can only use fonts if they produce a few
diacritics, nothing fancy, just macrons
and a few dots above or below a character. In normal LaTeX the ucs
package takes care of that.

I have recently acquired a large font collection from Adobe, which has
all the latest
Pro(fessional) versions of such nice fonts as Arno, Minion, Caslon
etc. and wanted to use them with
my XeTeX based projects. To my great surprise, none of the fonts seem
to be able to produce
underdotted letters.

I have tried this:

\setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Minion Pro}

Āāīūś  % works as expected.
ṣṇṭḍṃḥ % just crossed out boxes.


The first line comes out nicely, the second does not. I tried
Openoffice, but there the second line
is displayed by using substitute fonts. Before complaining to Adobe, I
have one question: Is there
something like an option to switch on diacritics which I may have missed?



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