[XeTeX] Problem with bidi + longtable + caption packages

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 08:50:49 CEST 2015

On 21 October 2015 at 01:55, maxwell <maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:
> (Apologies if this isn't the right mailing list--the documentation I have
> says I should send this to persian-tex at tug.org, but I don't see that mailing
> list on the list of TUG mailing lists, nor am I subscribed to it... and if
> it does exist, I don't know how to subscribe to it.)

I believe that's a personal mailbox of the bidi maintainer not a list.

bidi and longtable is tricky in xetex as the tex-xet bidi model it uses
doesn't really support right to left \halign as \beginR has to be in
horizontal mode.
Vafa patches longtable as well as he can but the underlying support
isn't really there,
this is one place where the directional model in luatex (from omega)
is clearly superior.

I'll try to look later but it's a delicate area...


> I've encountered a problem in the interaction between the longtable, bidi,
> and caption packages.  I'll attach the minimal example at the bottom of this
> msg, but I have a question.  We're running the 2014 TeXLive distro; I never
> got around to downloading the 2015 distro.  We'll probably do that, but
> we're having some connectivity issues (serves me right for not having
> downloaded it months ago), and there are some hoops to jump through, so it
> won't be instant gratification.
> The issue we've found is that we want table captions to be ragged right,
> rather than centered.  Ordinarily, the caption package handles this fine.
> But when I have a longtable, and I use the bidi package as well, I can only
> get centered captions for long tables (ordinary floating table captions work
> fine).
> I've tried numerous variants of the code below, e.g. telling the caption pkg
> to do ragged right only in one or the other of the places, loading the bidi
> bpackage before or after the \captionsetup command (it cannot be loaded
> before the caption pkg is loaded), etc.
> Did anyone else notice this last year, and if so, has it been fixed in the
> 2015 distro?
>     Mike Maxwell
>     University of Maryland
> -----------Minimal example follows---------
> \documentclass{report}
> \usepackage{longtable}
> %Tell the caption pkg to do ragged right at load time:
> \usepackage[singlelinecheck=off
>            ,justification=raggedright
>            ]{caption}
> \usepackage{bidi}
> %Tell the caption pkg again:
> \captionsetup{singlelinecheck=off
>              ,justification=raggedright
>              }
> \begin{document}
> \begin{longtable}{llll}
> \caption{A long table}%Should be ragged right, but is centered instead
> \tabularnewline
>  {AAAA} & {BBBB} & {CCCC} & {DDDD}
> \tabularnewline
> \end{longtable}
> \end{document}
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