[XeTeX] Discretionary hyphens don't work in paragraphed footnotes

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 18:53:35 CEST 2015

The original questioner said he was doing a critical edition.  If he's
using EDMAC or LEDMAC then perhaps I can note that EDMAC does some work to
avoid setting footnote text in "restricted horizontal mode".  Restricted
horizontal mode does a number of annoying things to text, including (I
think) things affecting hyphenation; Plain TeX goes to some lengths to set
footnotes in unrestricted mode.  But LaTeX doesn't bother with these
niceties.  However, EDMAC does.


The attached fnfix.sty file fixes LaTeX footnotes so that they're set in
unrestricted horizontal mode.
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