[XeTeX] Support request for /Rotate in pdf

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 16:09:14 CET 2015

Hi Zdenek,

Many thanks to your clear explanation.

> ... And now there is a question: the author of a PDF
> document intended a physical orientation which
> differs from the orientation intended for a screen
> preview. If such a PDF is included into another PDF,
> which one should be used, the physical one or the
> one intended for screen preview?

In my opinion, pdf with /Rotate should be rotated:
that means the orientation intended for screen
preview should be used. It seems pdfTeX is the
effective 'standard', and it intends to rotate such pdf,
and xdvipdfmx says "not supported yet" (it seems
the author of xdvipdfmx would like to rotate in the

> When making a PDF intended for inclusion I always
> prepare it in such a way that its natural orientation
> is the same as the physical orientation, I do not use
> /Rotate.

That may be true (I also know "pre-treatment" of pdf
I've mentioned before works well), but *normal* users
who are not familiar with pdf specification would be
  I carefully rotated pdf before inclusion, but XeTeX
  does not understand. Why?
Related questions have appeared in StackExchange
several times as I mentioned, so it seems natural that
normal users cannot understand the reason why
XeTeX includes some pdf figures in different orientation
from what viewers show.

Above is my personal opinion as a normal user.
I'd like to hear some other opinions.
Has anyone ever had same kind of questions?


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