[XeTeX] Support request for /Rotate in pdf

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 00:17:52 CET 2015

(Maybe I should change the subject: topic is completely different from
original one.)

All the effect which is caused by change in dvipdfmx.cfg yesterday, that is,
-dAutoRotatePages=/None, is suppression of unnecessary /Rotate warning
in eps inclusion (, and also may be suppression of potential 'real' rotation in
the future dvipdfmx which supports /Rotate): no change in output so far.

And now the topic is about support of /Rotate already existing in pdfs:

> The Stack Exchange message suggests :
>    pdfcrop foo.pdf foo-new.pdf
> which I will try should the problem arise again.

Good information! pdfcrop calls pdfTeX internally, and pdfTeX supports
/Rotate: so pdfcrop can be a useful alternative of gs for 'pre-treatment'.
Thank you Philip.

And one more question arises:
We don't get any warnings in inclusion of pdf which has /Rotate: XeTeX
says nothing, and xdvipdfmx says nothing because default output-driver
is 'xdvipdfmx -q -E' in TL2015. I think this is harmful, because there is no
chance for users to notice unrotated figures before they see output directly.
At least in TL2014 xdvipdfms shows warning like
"<< /Rotate 90 >> found. (not supported yet)"
Can anyone explain when, and why, the warning message is suppressed?
And I'd like XeTeX to support /Rotate in pdf too ;)

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