[XeTeX] [tex-live] -dAutoRotatePages=/None in the distiller_template

Hironobu YAMASHITA h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 08:01:35 CET 2015

> But that is probably a question for the XeTeX list, and not relevant to
> the TeX Live discussion here.
I agree. (removed tex-live list from recipient)

Hmm, actually I'm not very familiar with XeTeX, but at least I can say
that pdf is read by both XeTeX and xdvipdfmx independently.

As far as I guess,
Currently XeTeX engine completely ignores /Rotate command in pdf, so
resulting bbox values are the same as original bbox (rotation not
applied). XeTeX produces intermediate file xdv (usually invisible),
and xdvipdfmx reads it. At this point xdvipdfmx again reads pdf, finds
/Rotate and shows warning.

>From this point,
> What is odd is that it clearly has the ability to cause a figure to be
> rotated, yet it does not look inside the PDF to see if it contains
> /Rotate and then take appropriate action,
XeTeX ignores /Rotate; xdvipdfmx ignores /Rotate too.
This behavior reserves consistency (though unexpected for us).

​may be
 some kind of faq in SX:
I hope some expert of XeTeX can answer more clearly.

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