[XeTeX] Using OpenType fonts of 2048 em-width glyphs with xelatex, using fontspec

Adam Twardoch (List) list.adam at twardoch.com
Mon Nov 2 15:51:53 CET 2015

There was a bug similar in nature in Mac OS X 10.10, which was fixed in 10.10.2: 

Non-1000 UPM in CFF-based OpenType fonts is achieved by setting the UPM value in the font's 'head' table and setting a FontMatrix different from [1 0 0 1 0 0] in the font's 'CFF' table, so the CFF glyphs are actually "downsized" and that downsizing is then taken into account somewhere else. 

The bug in that OS X was in Apple's PDF module that the FontMatrix value was emitted (the downsizing happened) but in another place the original size was used. 

In your case, the opposite is happening. To me, it seems that the XeTeX PDF authoring driver is also emitting one part of the equation correctly but not the other. Only Apple's Preview is sensitive to that but I think it's still a XeTeX bug since XeTeX comes with its own PDF writer. 


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>> Are these fonts TrueType-flavored OpenType (.ttf), CFF-flavored OpenType (.otf), or some other format?
> Sorry, I did not realise I forgot to mention this. It's a CFF OpenType font.
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