[XeTeX] Using OpenType fonts of 2048 em-width glyphs with xelatex, using fontspec

Georg Duffner g.duffner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 11:58:53 CET 2015

Am 2015-11-02 um 10:03 schrieb Hugo Roy:
> ↪ 2015-11-02 Mon 00:12, Simon Cozens <simon at simon-cozens.org>:
>> On 02/11/2015 04:41, Hugo Roy wrote:
>>> The issue is that the fonts are in a 2048 em-wide PostScript size 
>>> instead of 1000 (I sometimes get a warning from FontForge that the 
>>> width should be 1000).
>> I think it's very unlikely that this is the problem per se -
> Well, it definitely has an impact because converting to 1000 units
> fixes the problem (I have done this for another font as well which had
> the same issue).
>> SIL Gentium is a 2048 upem font, and I've used that with xetex and
>> Preview for years with no problems.
> Is it TrueType or OpenType?

SIL Gentium is TrueType, because it’s a graphite font and that
technology was restricted to TrueType.

Have you tried to compile the 2048upem font as a TTF to see if the
problem was gone? I once saw problems with a 1024upem otf but can’t
remember where it was. If scaling down is not an option for you, you
probably better choose TTF as output.

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