[XeTeX] Incorrect rendering of Vedic Sanskrit accents

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On 2015-05-22 10:49, maxwell wrote:
> On 2015-05-22 10:14, David M. Jones wrote:
>> ...
>> P.S. There's actually a third class of bug that is clearly visible in
>> the table at the top of my document, but which I didn't mention
>> explicitly: XeTeX won't typeset one of the Devanagari combining
>> characters in isolation without adding a prothetic dotted circle
>> (U+25CC).
> I was waiting for someone who knows more about this than I do to
> answer, but I'll display my ignorance.
> Afaik that's not a bug, that's the way combining characters are
> *supposed* to render when they don't have any character to combine
> with.  There's a way to prevent that; I _think_ it's to precede the
> combining character by a non-breaking space (U+00A0).  But I haven't
> tried that.

Some minority languages (that is, not the dominate language using a
particular script) often use combining marks in ways not envisioned in
order to extend the script to cover all the sounds in the minority
language. So for those minority languages, having a dotted circle show
up is not very helpful.


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