[XeTeX] Case changing for Greek

Maïeul maieul at maieul.net
Sun May 10 23:01:16 CEST 2015

Le 07.05.15 14:22, Joseph Wright a écrit :
> Hello all,
> The question of case changing in Greek has come up in another thread.
> Whilst the details here aren't XeTeX (or even TeX) specific, given the
> interest by members of the list I hope I can take advantage to ask about
> the area.
> For work on LaTeX3/expl3 we've put together an approach to case changing
> in XeTeX (and LuaTeX) that is not tied to a 1-1 mapping.
> One of the design ideas behind the code was to allow a way to tackle
> context- and language-dependent changes. At the same time, to date we
> have used the Unicode docs to define case mappings. Thus the 'standard'
> mappings follow those in UnicodeData.txt (1-1 lower/title/upper) and
> SpecialCasing.txt (more complex cases).
> Included in that 'standard' set up is the final sigma rule for Greek
> text. For performance reasons that code has been set up to assume that a
> sigma is final if it is followed by a space, a control sequence or a
> character from the list
>      ) ] } . : ; , ! ? ' "

; be careful the ; for question mark in greek is U+037E will the 
semicolon is U+003B.

I will add » and all the closing quotation for people who cite greek but 
is the quotation of their own language.

In any case ˙ U+02D9 should be added.

I am not sur ton understand well the difference between upper casing and 
title casing.


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