[XeTeX] Does there exist the equivalent of testfont.tex/fonttable.tex for XeTeX?

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 01:04:41 CEST 2015

On 12 June 2015 at 16:05, roger <roger at herz-fischler.ca> wrote:
> As François Charette states on page 4 of his ««ArabXeTeX Manual»» there is
> a  great advantage to being able to input a language via code rather than
> typing  the glyph. This is particularly true if the language is not one
> that you master. As a personal example I cite Cree $\^{1}$. It is far
> easier, and much faster, for a non-speaker to type in \mi  than trying to
> search through the syllabic table for the sign for "mi" and then
> figuring out which key to touch (provided that you can input from the
> keyboard, which is not always the case)..
> This also has a great advantage in the teaching or linquistic description
> of a language, especially since the same coding can be used to print a
> transliteration; see e.g., Daniels and Bright, ««The World's Writing
> Systems»»,  Oxford University Press, 1996 for the usefulness of such a
> capability.
> This brings up the question of UNICODE.In order to write:
>             \def\mi{^^^^14a5}
> one has to search through the UNICODE table to find the  ̈mi ̈
> syllabic. The
> tables tend to be all inclusive and thus very large and difficult to search
> through.
> Then there is the questsion of particular fonts. Does the font contain ALL
> syllabics? just Cree syllabics? just Moose Cree?$\^{1}$ Does the font even
> follow  UNICODE (not always evident)?
> In view of the above a VERY useful tool would be the equivalent of
> [testfont.tex]/[fonttable.tex], which, for a given UNICODE-based font,
> would print the glyph and the corresponding UNICODE number.
> My attempts at using the latter (in PureTeX) with Cree resulted in a Cork
> type table. Is there such an tool or modification of [fontable.tex]?
> Roger Herz-Fischler
> 1. See http://www.languagegeek.com/font/fontdownload.html .

I showed one way to get tex commands based on the Unicode names of all
the characters in the cree  range here


It probably doesn't make sense to print off an entire font (normally)
there are rather a lot of characters:-) but it would be easy to have a
macro that took a range and a font and made a Unicode-style table in
the style of



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