[XeTeX] Strange issue with tanwin, arabxetex

Nathan Camillo Sidoli sidoli at waseda.jp
Fri Jul 31 10:52:36 CEST 2015

On 7/31/15 4:45 PM, Akira Kakuto wrote:
> Hi,
>> Thanks for this suggestion. Unfortunately, utf simply
>> prints the text as it finds it, so the first part of my
>> file (see below) appears as
> I intended to use \textarabic usually, and to use \textarabic[utf]
> when it is necessary.
> Best,
> Akira
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Yes, this would work if I were writing the file from scratch, but I am 
working with long files that already involve many hundreds of switches 
between types of input.

Also, in principle, if this is being done by TECkit, I'm not sure it is 
desirable behavior. Since TECkit is for transforming legacy data into 
unicode, I don't think it should be meddling with something that is 
already in unicode.

Finally, if it is decided that this is the right behavior for 
TECkit/arabxetex, I'm not sure it is being applied consistently. For 
example, why are all short vowels and tanwin being stripped out in 
novoc, but not sukun?

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