[XeTeX] Strange issue with tanwin, arabxetex

Nathan Camillo Sidoli sidoli at waseda.jp
Fri Jul 31 09:33:00 CEST 2015

On 7/31/15 1:26 PM, Akira Kakuto wrote:
> Hi,
>> When I compile this document, a tanwin in the unicode input (etc., 
>> خطًا) is stripped out in the output.
> I don't know arabxetex, but I think
> \textarabic[utf]{Arabic in UTF-8}
> can be a solution in this case.
> That is, the option [utf] for the command \textarabic
> when you input directly by UTF-8.

Thanks for this suggestion. Unfortunately, utf simply prints the text as 
it finds it, so the first part of my file (see below) appears as



not in Arabic script.

I suppose this is an unusual circumstance, but I am dealing with long 
texts (hundreds of pages) from multiple sources, some of whom compose 
their documents in unicode and some in ascii, so I want a system that 
will handle both inputs. (And we also have texts that mix liberally 
between the two forms of input.)

The previous set up of arabxetex compiled with TeXlive 2014 handled this 
situation fine, but for some reason it is not working with TeXLive 2015.

Since arabxetex is a system for converting to ascii to unicode, I think 
it should not mess with unicode input at all, as was the case before.


\usepackage[utf,fdf2noalif]{arabxetex}% utf
\newfontfamily\arabicfont[Script=Arabic,Scale=1.4]{Traditional Arabic}% 
Traditional Arabic, Amiri


\A{_h.t"aN} $\quad$ \A{m_tl_t"aN}


\A{خطًا}  $\quad$ \A{مثلثًا}

\A{ًخطا}  $\quad$ \A{ًمثلثا}

إذا أضيف إلى خَطّ مستقيم مَعْلُوم سطح متوازي الأضلاع معلوم ينقص عِن تمامه
   متوازي الأضلاع معلوم الصورة، فإن أضلاع السطح الباقي معلومة.


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